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The News You Probably Don´t Know
all compositions by Nils Tegen
recorded by Nils Tegen at NTStudio2
mixed by Markus Braun and Nils Tegen at Tonstudio der Welt
keyboards, drums, paper trumpet and programming by Nils Tegen
cover art by Nils Tegen
quotation in track 12 by Hubert Reeves

When I look back, I sort of started this album back in 2007 when I was making my first attempts at playing all the parts of a band myself. I only had 2 microphones and my first laptop, and no good virtual instrument sounds. Since then I have developed a personal playing technique that allows me to sound like a band with myself. I have been looking for a very personal touch of combining electronic sounds and acoustic jazz for a long time, which does not immediately sound like purely experimental music pop music or any other genre and is nevertheless exciting, diverse and a kind of fusion of all my musical influences which come from all over the place. At the time, I imagined publishing an album like this, but I hadn't yet found the language I needed to do it. As a stopover on this exciting but also very exhausting journey (and on the way there have been very, very, very many recordings of this kind over the years) this album is a tiny excerpt from my work which really satisfies me (and hopefully you).
....to be continued .....
Nils Tegen, June 2021

Thx to : my mom and my dad, Steffi, Roman, Joscha, Reza, Clemens, Markus, for being an active or passive part of my music and this album.

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