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Lately we love to play more Jazz/Fusion influenced music. I heard sing me to sleep on the radio and turned it into a Rock/Fusion thang. Sparkles in the Sky just sprang out of my mind in 10 Minutes - Nothing more to say :)
Hardy Fischötter - drums
Oliver Lutz -bass
Philipp Brämswig - guitar
CTO - keys, voice
recorded july 2018 @ salon de jazz, cologne
produced, mixed & mastered by CTO
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songs of a decade: new york and cologne based pianist/songwriter clemens orth alias "CTO" put together a fine compilation of his songwriting since the late 90ties- "songs of a decade" appears as a very personal and border-crossing album emalgamating elements from jazz, pop, r&b and soul music.

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CTO - PDM is a collection of songs that I´ve produced over the last couple of years. Mostly inspired by contemporary dance/pop music and r&b music. Some of the songs are completely programmed, others are recorded the old fashioned way. The songs sprang out of quite emotional and turbulent moments which set free piercing energy for the production process. Enjoy my variety of songs - some are quite different from each other including 2 instrumentals - catch the vibe - Clemens

all compositions by CTO!

produced, mixed and masterd by CTO!

lyrics of "Dynamite, Love Dementia and Elektrorock" by Oliver Bröhl

guest musicians: Hendrik Smock, Bodek Janke, Florian Rynkowski, Marie Daniels, Filippa Gojo, Ryan Carniaux, Raphael Klemm, Malte Dürrschnabel, Peter Protschka, Sam Minaie, Ross Pederson, Philipp Brämswig, Rene Klement, Florian Esch

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With “Tunity” the Cologne based duo CTO and Jabul has produced an album that skilfully transcends both genre and generational boundaries. The tracklist combines 80s disco with hip-hop and house and also picks up some elements from Jazz and Latin American percussion to create an album that, despite its diversity, reveals a coherent sound. What all songs have in common is that they are all suitable for the dance floor, because in spite of differences they all share a groove that runs through the entire project. But even though the intention to create a dance album is quite obvious, the Cologne residents do not lose sight of detailed production and meaningful lyrics, so that "Tunity" in face of its playful sound comes across as a well thought-out and unique album.



Testify is a fun and bouncy introduction to the album with vibrant dance elements filling the track with beautiful retro sounds


CTO Calling


CTO Calling addresses the uncertainty in the current state of the world while continuing the theme of dance and electronic sounds


The pace of the album slows down with Regardless, introducing a slow tempo melodic breakdown throughout the track; later picking up a fast paced dance energy that makes you want to move your body

Need a Reaction

Need A Reaction immediately demands your attention in the introduction with a spacey and anticipatory build up. this track will fill your headphones front to back, left to right with angelic background vocals that cut off into the hook of the song. the spacey instrumentals and bouncy drums continue throughout the song making for a full and consistent listen

Mr. Big Shot

Mr.Big Shot smacks you in the face with loud, crisp, and sweet horns that pair perfectly with Cage’s soulful vocals. the fun dance energy continues in this track making you want to move as the music fills your room

Time is a Lie

Time is a Lie continues the theme of self awareness throughout the track. focusing on the present moment of time. enjoying the present, while not shying away from self reflection. the sounds of dance continue in this track, making for a fun but thought provoking experience

Das Motiv

Das Motiv’s paces the album, implementing a slow tempo lounge like listening experience. a perfect song to relax and take some time for.

Main Creator

Main Creator revisits the theme of self reflection and self awareness. similar to time is a lie, maintaining a thought provoking listening experience while providing a fun and energetic musical landscape

Above Water

Above Waterr is filled with keys throughout the song that compliment the harmonizing and continue the space-like instrumentals. a head bobbing track that continues the theme of dance and electronic sounds

I’ma Boss

I’ma Boss opens with bouncy and electronic drum sounds that have many house elements while not being overwhelming. a song that can be heard in a packed night club.

Hide Nothin´

Hide Nothin’ is the track to listen to if you’ve ever wanted to visit space without actually going. this track is a window into seeing the stars and planets up close. it is something from both the past and the future.

recorded, mixed and mastered by CTO

artwork by: Arian Ghorbani

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