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DESOL - "Duke Ellington Sound Of Love" is a spontaneously recorded album containing some of pianist Clemens Orth´s favourite standard tunes, 1 reharmonised version of "Black Orpheus" and 2 original compositions. It features british bassist Phil Donkin and swiss/german drummer Silvio Morger.

recorded Nov 12th and 13th 2021@ Salon De Jazz, Cologne

recorded, mixed and mastered by Clemens Orth

artwork by Arian Ghorbani

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"Ole Oak Tree" features 5 compositions that were written for a Jazz Fusion line up. 

The recordings were made back in 2009. 


Jonas Burgwinkel - drums

Sebastian Nickoll - percussion

Reiner Wind - bass

Denis Gäbel - tenor sax

Clemens Orth - keys, comp


recorded @ salon de jazz, cologne

produced, mixed and mastered by Clemens Orth

artwork by Arian Ghorbani

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"The Gilder Suite" musically reflects the impressions and emotions of a day at the sailing airfield from the arrival till the end of the day.
80% of the music is freely improvised - another 20% are based on tunes and some spontaneous harmonic progressions.

Robert Landfermann - bass
Leif Berger - drums
Clemens Orth - Piano, Rhodes, efx

recorded at Salon De Jazz, February 14th and 15th 2020!

mixed and mastered by Clemens Orth

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About 10 years ago i got the idea to arrange Christmas songs for jazz piano trio. Melodies that over the years created a deep emotional impact on me not necessarily as a listener unable to escape the musical environment during christmas time but as an active musician playing church organ throughout my teenage years. In fact playing church organ was my first encounter with improvised music doing preludes for chorals.

Later i performed the ever growing number of arrangements with my trio once a year in eary december at „salon de jazz“ - and those concerts already have become a tradition. This year the time has come to put them on CD!

Many thanks to Fabian, Stefan, Bodek, Birgit and my alter egos Chrstoph, Tobias, Max and Theo for supporting this heart project and let the music come to life!

Enjoy listening to my interpretations of 7 old european chorals and 2 newer american christmas songs.

And if you should read this and December 24th is close: Merry Christmas!

recorded August 26th and 27th @ Salon De Jazz, Cologne

produced, mixed and mastered by Clemens Orth


Cover Design by Jumana Hamandouche


Fabian Arends – drums

Stefan Schönegg – bass

Clemens Orth – piano


choir on „Tochter Zion“:


Birgit Abendroth – soprano

Christoph Falsetto – alt

Tobias Hochlaut – tenor

Max Sonor – bariton

Theo Brummel – bass


additional percussion: Bodek Janke


  1. In Dulci Jubilo (Traditional)

  2. Tochter Zion, freue dich! (Georg Friedrich Händel)

  3. Hark the herald angels sing (Felix.Mendelssohn Bartholdy)

  4. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (Traditional)

  5. Les Anges dans nos campagnes (Traditional)

  6. Have yourself a merry little christmas (Martin Hugh)

  7. Adeste Fideles (John Francis Wade)

  8. Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Franz Xaver Gruber)

  9. Santa Claus is coming to town (John Frederick Coots)


Total: 45,40


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BEP - Bilateral Exchange Program

Ross Pederson - drums

Sam Minaie - bass

Clemens Orth - piano

Today i´m very happy that i can successfully terminate a new recording of my Piano Trio. As a little homage to my German/American "bilateral" life the last bunch of years i decided to name the Trio after it which features New York based drummer Ross Pederson and bassist Sam Minaie. Ironically we did not record in New York which one would probably expect but in my own studio facilities in cologne. Since Sam, Ross and I were working on different projects right before the "jamboree" we decided not to waste any precious time on rehearsals - so we just recorded some of our favourite standards, some originals of mine and freely improvised parts based on spontanious ideas and sketches. No wonder the music turned out in a very fresh, inspiring and lyrical way that after first listening i had no doubt this would become a new release!

Lay back, enjoy listening and come out to see us live on stage in the near future :)


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Verbindet man 2 Ecken eines Pentagramms durch Geraden, so entstehen 3 Dreiecke- Es ist das geometrische Gegenstück zu unserer Musik, welches seine Anteile in sich integriert und doch jeder Anteil seine individuelle Form besitzt. - Nicht stilistische Reinheit und Reproduktion, sondern Variation von unterschiedlichster Musik, die klar verwurzelt in der Tradition des Jazz zu ihrer Kraft und Schönheit findet - Members: Clemens Orth (p) Dietmar Fuhr (b) Jonas Burgwinkel (dr) Playlist: colors of flushing / taurus v6 / timmelsjoch / longing for ny / pentagramm / don't dream it's over / halcyon winter / red eyed blues / from azure to khaki / theresa / conus patitu

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Dear listener,, 20 years after Nirvanna came up with its revolutionary "nevermind" album, I'm sitting at my piano in New York putting some arrangements together using 12 of the 13 songs (except the hidden track) of the original album as source material. A friend inspired me to do this after he had heard a version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that I've recorded already 10 years back on my album "Silhouette Ascending". I still remember the time when I first heard the tunes in my teenage years, watching the crowd banging or dancing to the music, having a good time - the impact of this music has not changed. Dazzling ecstatic impacts by Cobain's singing- underlined by innovative chord progressions- made Nirvana unique. I hope that you enjoy listening to my interpretations, stylistically variable and often with a batting eye...
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This highly praised Trio CD was released in 2000 featuring Dietmar Fuhr on bass and Matthias Kornmaier on drums!

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